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For Speech & Drama Programme

Please click here to submit the application form.  (Please ensure that the applicant has reached 18 months of age at the time of application submission.)

For Adult Acompanied Programmes / Transfer Students for Bilingual Pre-School Programmes

Please read the below instructions carefully before starting your application:

1) There is a total of 4 pages per application. We suggest you set aside 15-20 minutes to read the instructions thoroughly and to fill out your application accurately;

2) All fields marked with an “ * ” must be filled out. Please remember to click the “Save & Next” button once you have completed each page;

3) If the applicant has siblings who have previously attended or is attending any programmes at Julia Gabriel Centre, please fill out his/her information accurately;

4) For transfer applicant, if you have previously attended any holiday or partner programmes, please fill out the relevant information accurately;

5) Please be sure to ONLY select the age appropriate programme for your child. Kindly note that if the date of birth (DOB) of the applicant does not match the age criteria of the programme, the application will be unsuccessful;

英文 招生年龄表

6) Please note that the applicant’s name will be placed into the waitlist upon the timely completion of Step 1-Step 3 AND WHEN application status indicates “Step 3 complete—name on waitlist”;

7) Email is the main channel of receiving notifications from the school throughout the application process. Therefore, please be sure to tick the option “Receive E-mail Notifications” in the application form when you fill out the “Parents Information” section. Otherwise, you will have to log into your OpenApply account and check for notifications in the “Alert & Notifications” and “Message” tabs;

8) We plan to begin our series of information sessions for our programmes in January 2018.

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