Visit Julia Gabriel

We understand that selecting a right school or a right programme for your child is an important decision for the family. The best way to learn about what makes our school unique and if it suits your family is to come and visit us!

The new school year will start from Aug. 27th, 2018.  Attending any ONE of these formats of Visit Julia Gabriel enables you to complete Step 2.


School tours are offered throughout our school year, depending on staff availability.

TRIAL CLASS (for Adult Accompanied Programmes)

Trial classes are available for applicants of our Adult Accompanied Programmes. It is a great way for a parent and the child to experience an entire class together, provided that the child already meets the age requirement for the requested programme.

CLASS OBSERVATION (for Speech & Drama Programmes)

Since Speech & Drama Programmes are for children to attend independently, Class Observation for the parents will give you a good sense of the key elements and the educational objectives/outcomes for this programme. The observation is open for parent only and will lasts around 20 mins.


Open Day events are organized periodically and offer a great opportunity for parents and their child to experience some of our signature activities, as well as to meet face to face with our school leaders.